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Astral Projection (Remote Viewing)


Is it possible to travel in mind or some other form without the body? Is it possible to view events from a distance while laying on a sofa at home? Many believe so. Indeed, during the past two decades a lot of government research has tended to support the idea. In fact, Ingo Swann did tell us of Jupiter’s moons before we witnessed them via satellite. Swann believes we all have the ability. In his book, The Nostradamus Factor, he documents this parapsychological phenomena. Some of our customers have reported spontaneous out-of-body experiences using this product. The late Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute showed repeatedly that out-of-body experiences could be voluntarily evoked after training. Try it for yourself.

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Sample thought modification messages in this product:

“My spirit is eternal. Astral travel is natural. Consciousness is energy. Energy is mass. Energy exists in all. I am energy. My consciousness is pure energy. Energy is unlimited. My energy expands. It’s okay to use my energy. It’s okay to expand my energy. It’s okay to consciously employ energy. Life force is energy. Astral travel is a natural extension of energy.”


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