Awakened Dreaming

Awakened Dreaming


Researchers are talking more and more about the benefits to lucid dream states. In a lucid dream, one can enter the dream and literally alter its content and conclusion. This can be both healing and revealing. The inner world of dreams does much more than simply vent unresolved conflict and consolidate memories. Why not visit and participate in your dreams?

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Sample thought modification messages in this product:

“I am aware of my dreams. I enter my dreams lucidly. I have the power to change my dreams. I have the ability to generate dreams. The dream state can be conscious. I am aware during my dreams. My mind alerts me to dreams. I remain within the dream in an alert state. My consciousness expands. It is like being awake while dreaming. I enjoy lucid dreaming. I monitor my dreams. I record my dreams. I keep a journal of my dreams. I review my dreams. Dreams have power. Dreams provide insights. Dreams teach symbology. I feel my dreams”.


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