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Developing the Sixth Sense


The latent psychic ability within all of us is usually extinguished when we’re children. According to the world’s most studied Psychic, Ingo Swann, awakening this latent power is a matter of remembering our senses and changing our beliefs. This program is designed to aid you in awakening the psychic power within.

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Sample thought modification messages in this product:

“I open up. I trust my senses. I trust my impressions. My hearing expands. My sight sees inter-dimensionally. I feel. My feeling expands. I touch. I taste. I am a master. My consciousness senses. I am consciousness. I know. My impressions are clear. My senses are powerful. It is a gift. It is natural. I am a gift. My chakras open. Energy is natural. I vibrate energy. I serve. I smell. My senses interconnect. One sense triggers all,” etc.

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