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Freedom from Profanity


People start using bad language for many reasons—to fit in with their peers, to feel cool, to shock others, to strike out against conformity etc. However, there comes a point when it is time to leave the profanity behind. You will sound a lot more intelligent using real words as they are supposed to be used and others will respect you more.

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“I speak well. I speak clearly. I speak with dignity. I am free of foul language. I am free of filth. I am free of bitterness. I am free of anger. I select my words. I expand my vocabulary. I am confident. I am patient. I am free of cussing. I am free of cursing. I am free of profanity. I express myself with dignity. I have self-esteem. I respect myself. I respect others. I am honest. I am truthful. I am forthright. I am responsible. Foul language is self-degrading. Filthy language is offensive,” etc.

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